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Manage your flight schedule with Lion Air Customer Service Center Indonesian

As the largest airline in Indonesia, we provide Lion Air service center for customers. We insist on providing the best service to keep your flight running smoothly.   You’re planning  Flight schedule amid  the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic?

Now, planning a schedule can’t just be done accordingly.  Conventionally, only through the airport counter, through the phone medium, everything can be arranged from ordering, preparing, scheduling, rescedule, payment and   much more. Even kamu can complain about the problem if it happens at any time.

All this is done in order to maintain the comfort and safety of customers who use the service faithfully. Especially during the Covid-19 pandemic, all interface activities can only be carried out with so many restrictions.

It feels hard if you have to come to the airport to buy a ticket for an airplane flight in the next few days. For this reason, for those who want to travel domestically or abroad. Manage your flight schedule by contacting Lion Air Indonesia  directly through the provided call center to make everything faster, easier and more practical.

Book your flight schedule through Lion Air Customer Service Center.

This booking process is possible.  Anytime you want  Call our number according to your country of residence. Here is a list of numbers you can  call.

  1. Singapore : +6563391922
  2. Malaysia : +600378415333
  3. Indonesia : +622163798000
  4. Australia : +628041778899

Reservations can be made by making sure that the destination   Then you can pay directly through an ATM, bank, m-banking or i-banking  .  View booking details on our home page. Precise in booking details, booking menu

You can enter  PNR booking codes and personal information needed immediately.  Do not make the mistake of entering personal information  for booking codes, OR  and personal information is valid for bookings made through agents.  Tourism such as traveloka, bli  bli, pegi pegi and others.

It is easy to check and see the  status of  your booking  .  The service is not.  You also have the right to pre-purchase baggage, web check-in, quick testing, travel insurance, rescheduling, payment, and refunds.

In this way, all the processes related to obstacles that can arise at any time  can be carried out online without having  to go to the airport counter or branch office near us.   However, some customers do not understand the functionality of each of  these services, so it is better to understand the data.

Reschedule or change your travel dates via Lion Air Customer Service Center

You can change the flight schedule as you like, but the conditions must be met first. There are 4 options to choose from, ranging from changing dates.  Travel, lion sales offices, lion group offices and call centers,  make sure booking codes and personal information are provided.   Correct, so that it is processed.

The terms and conditions referred to are the application process.  Changes must be made.  A couple of hours before departure for  At the airport office at least 2 hours before departure  , while lion air service center is at least 4 j before departure.   Then you need to make sure that the ticket type can change the working day.

For example, promotional tickets.  In some events   In addition, you will no longer be able to provision it.  If you   Check in at the airport in person or online.    to schedules, how much the fees.   The more expensive it is to change your travel dates, the more expensive it will be.  That’s why it’s recommended to do it 3 days in advance.

If you need more information, simply call 021-6379 8000 (Indonesia), +65 6339 1922 (Singapore), +60 0378415333 (Malaysia).  You can ask  Details on the method  Change all schedules there.  Immediately. The cost of permenit telephone  Flat depends on the operator used.

If it’s difficult to  contact  Lion Air Service Center,  just try visiting your nearest branch office.  There are many offices, branches in each region because we are an airline with Asian  aircraft.   Enter the booking code  and change the schedule as needed.   Additional payment fees have been adjusted  .

Very affordable pre-purchase baggage.

Not limited to sorting.    You can also buy baggage in advance.    Pre-purchase of baggage is a special service offered by our group without having to take care of baggage bookings directly at the airport  .

It’s just  that we provide at least a booking process that will  be done 6 hours before departure. There is also a baggage price for the air wing there.  If you want to  be more practical, just ask the Lion Air Service Center  to be clear.

So what is the ordering process?     It’s just simple.  Enter the pre-purchase baggage menu.  In the booking menu  , enter the booking CODE and enter your personal information, then select the desired baggage.   Directly by copying and pasting virtual banking transactions.

It doesn’t take long for this process,  as long as the transaction is complete, the baggage is ready,  there is no need to order manually,  you just need to.  Enter the airport by sending  Luggage directly to the staff The staff will take care of all items and  Ship by  Orders through lion air service center

There are   only 95,000 cheap rapid test services.

You can also  get rapid covid 19 health testing methods here  , just pay 95,000, the health testing process can be done  .

You can take the test without  going to a health center. It is enough to come to Lion Air’s Medica clinic  and existing medical facilities throughout Indonesia,  the opening hours of each region are different, so make  your own adjustments according to your  needs.  At the same time as the purchase or the latter.

By contacting our contact directly, you can get a fast ticket at the same time.  However, after purchasing the ticket.   Advanced terms and conditions can be  obtained by entering directly on our main website.

Passengers who respond can request a refund of their ticket.  Without being charged.  Discount (full fare)  however  Conditions must be accompanied by a photo or scan of the rapid test  .  On the  other hand, non-reactive passengers can travel directly.

There are also many facilities.  As Indonesia’s largest airline, you  can get more information by visiting our website or contacting us via email.  If you     You have the right to ask everything through Lion Air Indonesia or domestic service centers.

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