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Before going to Sennheiser Service Center, identify the problem

Sennheiser not only provides quality products but also provides sennheiser services  to its customers. This service is provided to solve the problem of your audio device. We recommend this service, use when using products of this brand.

Not only are you more familiar with the product, the quality technicians already have a license from the company. Because they are fully responsible for the quality of the product. Thus, they are unlikely to disappoint customers with unqualified technicians.

Another advantage when using the services of the Sennheiser service center is  that it is owned by complete spare parts. When it comes to component replacement, you don’t have to worry about their quality and fit. Another advantage,  the price of a service is satisfied tif cheaper because it is part of the product service.

But before  you go  to Sennheiser’s service center for service,  you first need to identify whether the product really needs improvement. Sometimes consumers do not know that the goods are actually in good condition. Here are ways they can be made to identify the condition of one of their products, headphones.

Identify problems with headphones before going to Sennheiser Service Center

Before pressing the button and changing the settings, check if you  find the source of the problem. The problem may come from another device such as a mobile phone or an application used by the audio source. Because it  uses headphones to other devices first.  Whether he can function properly or not. Make sure the other device is working properly.

You can also use wired headphones orshuffle the Bluetooth headphones. The last way is to try to install another product if you have one. If  the  condition is normal, it means that your phone hea is in good condition. If the condition remains bad, look for the problem you are facing again.

If the headphones cannot be folded into Android, this is usually the easiest to fix.   First you need to check the manual. Because there are some headphones that automatically go into pairing mode when they use them for the first time.

If the dphone hea does not appear on the device, it may be necessary to read the manual to bring the data into compliance.   There are also headphones that require holding down the power button for a few seconds.  But some mainly have a control center, they have their own methods.

Other Ways to Use for Early Identification

You need to make sure between ka t warswithout connecting to other headphones.  There  are  some  hea phones  that can be connected to some devices while others do not. So  , the  location can be from the device that was connected for the first time.   Therefore, disconnect in advance, then it will automatically return to start mode.

Another way is to disconnect other headphones in the same tone.  Make sure that the phone is not connected to other headphones in the room  .   Because they will connect automatically when the network is turned on when it is still within range. The initial steps are to remove the old Bluetooth device from the phone.

The next problem that needs to be looked at before going to  the sennheiser service center, meng recharge  the battery if the battery is running low, there may be a problem during installation.    Even cases of the headphones stay on when charging. This means the battery remains sucked up faster than expected. Try connecting and charging the battery before using.

Make sure both devices are compatible as some headphones or devices have made quality revisions and improvements. Like a picture of the latest devices that use Bluetooth 5.  Normally, 0 can  connect to most  5.0 devices you have.    But there are also some that cannot be connected, kareor the existence of the latest model.  Check  the  points  to make sure that  the two devices are compatible with each other before  connecting to the sennheiser service center.

Check for problems in case of deformation

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If you  can insert dphone hea, but it does not produce good sound,  the  quality of the music may be lower than it should be.  It can also  be problems that occur with the wireless connection. Please check the music source before  looking for the next problem solving.  Make sure static is not linked to the music source.

It is also possible that you download low-bite MP3s. Another possibility  is  that your streaming service is installed by default.   You can see it with other Bluetooth. Please indicate if it is in good condition.

To check the  other mass  alah, coba ti  turn  off, turn off Bluetooth, unscrew all headphone, turn off the phone,  reebot , and reconnect from scratch.

If you hear music in a room, it may be too far away. It may also have too many obstacles in its way.  It is also interrupted by other networks  with wi-fi and other connections.

If you have a Wireless or wire-fr function, e.g. .  .  But you need to do it a certain way. For example, by  going into dual mode and  using only 1 earbuds.   Ketika  will make a connection between the two, the results are not good.   Refer to   the manual to see the correct order in which you listen with one earbud.

To get the best quality, it is necessary to periodically update the firmware. Using the official application and updating the firmware in general will improve the quality. It is also possible that using a companion app could solve the problem.

If you have a request, try disabling the add function, for example, equalizer, noise cancellation and other processing can cause distortion. You even have to  turn off the phone’s built-in apps , such as the voice adjustment feature of Samsung.

For good quality, electronic devices usually use the option of HD audio codes or codecs that you can turn on or off. But the two are connected by different codes.  To see if   the  sound improves, match the code.

If you are trying to use a headphone computer, you may have 2 types of Windows audio settings, 1 for  stereo, 1 for phone calls.    Turn off any of them to get solid headphone sound quality.   To disable it,  click on  the speaker icon, point to the sound, and be sure to  select  the headphones.

Check for problems if using 1 earbuds

Before  connecting to the Sennheiser service center, there is  also a problem if you  listen to music using 1 earbuds,  which is the problem.   Reconnect the headphones to fix the connection of the two.  When everything needs to be turned off, turn it back on. So will try to find a reconnection between the two.

As explained earlier, early models often had a  special justification method for listening to singles, and you can accidentally  enter the  dual setup on its own.

Try removing them  all  and reapply them in 1 or double mode.  If you’re still not  getting the best  quality , go back   to the manual to have the best recommendations applied.

The above steps confirm if the problem is with the headphones or if there are any problems outside the headphones. If problems occur in use, improve the use  to get good tea quality. But if the quality does not improve, there is a problem with the headphones, contact Sennheiser service center.

If this happens, sennheiser service center services are  required  to  provide atification.   Contact the best technician and closest to your location. To get you, contact customer support which you can find on the Indonesia website.

Submit your complaint, get information on dealing with the nearest technician. When meeting a technician, you need to ask in advance for the description of the condition. Then how much is the approximate cost required and processing time. If you feel the cost is still affordable, you can fix that. But if baiya is not much different from buying new, it is better to buy new. It is also important to ensure that the damage is part of the  Sennheiser Service Center’s handling  of a warranty or not.