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HSBC contact center service for you customers

HSBC’s communication center is very useful to its customers HSBC’s name is not really very popular in small cities. But in several large cities, its reputation is on the rise. In fact, the bank has successfully competed with several big names such as BCA and Mandy. His enthusiasm for improving the service is very unique.

Additionally, the services offered are constantly progressing. However, continuous improvements often confuse some consumers. The confusion was felt because the properties available were more and more . To solve the problem, connecting to CS can be the best option.

However, because of the large number of services available, HSBC does not provide only one communication center for its customers. There are multiple numbers that can be contacted by lost problems. Therefore, it is better to know before the service options and hsbc center number are available .

Connect to the Banking Service Communication Center

HSBC banking service customers are divided into several groups However, the most common group is the main resonance. This is the group with the most customers. This is appropriate considering its use of properties in general at no other price. There are two numbers to connect to Premier Bank Service

The first number is 1500-700. This number can be contacted throughout Indonesia. But those abroad can’t connect to it. When abroad, the required number is 6221-2551-4722. Uses the required intersection rate.

Both numbers can be connected at any time. That’s why its own CC is active for 24 hours. HSBC’s communications center is not only available to Premier customers for 24 hours, and advanced banking services are called for 24 hours. However, the number is certainly different from the first service.

The number is also divided into half for local and foreign needs. You must contact 1500-808 about the needs when outside Indonesia, you can call 6221-2552-6603, in fact, there is another type of service that HSBC provides.

However, the type of fuss bank does not exist as the first or advanced user of this service. But although not many, the HSBC Connection Center for Integration Services is still available. To connect, you can call the 1500-501 number for customers in the Indonesian region as intended.

However, because it is not often used, no number is provided for users outside. In fact, the number is inactive for 24 hours. You can only call from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. available only from Mondays to Fridays

Connect to Credit Card Service

In addition to banking, contacting the HSBC Contact Center for credit card purposes. The need for a credit card is divided into several types. It is certainly the first type with the highest number of users. For a Primer credit card, you can call 1,500-700.

The number is used when in the Indonesian area. When outside Indonesia, call 6221-2551-4722 the number can be accessed in all corners of the world. Naturally, the intersection rate is applied. If there is a number for foreigners or locals, whenever they are contacted.

That’s why his CSIs are available for 24 hours. CS is available for 24 hours and is also available for a signature credit card. This credit card type is one row at the top of the primer. Therefore, the number of customers is lower.

When you want to contact the HSBC Contact Center for a signature credit card, two numbers are available. The two numbers are 1500-800 and 6221-2552-6603. The first number is called for a local purpose while the second number is called for external purposes.

Both are equally active for 24 hours. Cs are available for platinum credit card type. This is the highest type of rank in HSBC. The number of users is not really too many. However, platinum services are always at the forefront so that customers are not disappointed.

The numbers that can be contacted vary for local and foreign needs. For locals, the number is 1500-808 while for foreigners, the number 6221-2552-6603 is both available for 24 hours so that platinum credit card customers can call at any time.

Credit card services still have other types

The bank’s most famous credit card service is certainly Premier , Advanced , and Platinum . However , there are other services provided by HSBC . The service is required for a Cashback card credit. Like other types, hsbc has a special connection center for these services. It is active for 24 hours.

The first is 1500-808 and can be contacted by local service needs. While then 6221-2552-6603 if you need to call abroad abroad. In fact, for credit card requirements in general, kashbak type is the last type.

But in the field, there are often conditions where other problems often arise. The problem cannot be categorized into any of the above types. If this is a problem, call 1500-808 when in Indonesia and 6221-2552-6603 when abroad.

However, these numbers are not available for 24 hours. The call can only be reached Monday through Friday. It is only in time to work, from 07.00 to 21.00 if that time passes, the customer must wait until the next day.

There are other servicesoutside the bank and credit card

In addition to bank cards and credit cards, other services are still available. This service actually serves as a support for consumers’ safety. First, it requires personal debt. A bank doesn’t seem to provide this feature. Therefore, hsbc has a special relationship center for these purposes.

But like other credit card problems, this service is only available from 07.00 to 21.00. To contact him, it must be done on weekdays, Monday to Friday. For local needs, the relationship 1500808* for overseas needs. Relations are 6221-2552-6603.

Naturally , there is overseas customs for the second connection . In addition to the purpose of personal debt, there is also a special connection to the current implementation service. However, HSBC contact centers are only for local needs. Their contacts are 1,500-707, such as personal loan services, and you cannot contact them on holidays.

The service is only available from Monday to Friday. Even on that day, you can only call from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. This time it is much narrower than the personal loan requirement that CS is available until 9 p . m .

If you look at the description above, HSBC has a lot of details about providing call centers. With these detailed situations, all user problems will definitely be resolved. Therefore, make sure you connect when you encounter a problem. After all , the HSBC Communications Center is always friendly to any complaint .

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