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The IM3 call centre  service is of great help to every user. It is really reasonable to accept that there are a very large number of users in Indonesia itself. If this call centre is not available, it will certainly be difficult for consumers, because the problem is not always the same.

Many times users have minor problems. For this type of problem, it will be easier to contact the call centre than to come directly to the outlet. However, most Indonesians have common problems. The problem is that we don’t know about the importance of CS.

This ignorance often did not take advantage of CS’s presence. In fact, his presence is very helpful. It would therefore  be better to learn more about the IM3 call centre. It might be even more useful to learn how to deal with him or her.

Learn more about call centers

Mobile phones are becoming compulsory for almost everyone. It is important that they are present because of their ability to communicate long distances. This long-distance communication can be chatted via social media from phone to SMS. But to do that, a signal is needed.

This signal will be a link between one cell phone and the other cell phone. If the signal is not available, it cannot use its function as a remote communication helper. This is where the IM3 SIM card becomes very important. If you don’t have a SIM card, you won’t get the signal.

Therefore, it must be the same as the mobile phone. But because of the importance, issues with minor intensity also need to be implemented immediately. This is the main reason why IM3 call centres are so important that complaints can be lodged immediately when he is present.

This removes bad possibilities, such as dealing with the client. In fact, the problems are not only linked to signal loss. There are a number of issues where the ordered Internet package does not enter unless the Internet network is connected.

The issue will be resolved by contacting the call centre. The IM3 call centre itself can be contacted at any time, as its CS is available 24 hours a day, at the same time you can complain even if there is a problem in the morning. You can also contact the call centre for other purposes.

What you want yourself is like a question about the SIM card you have. This is normal because it is cs’ job to answer these questions. This is certainly essential to change the vulnerability of society. Most people think there are no problems unless they call call centers.


It is clear that the importance of contacting  the IM3 Call Centre is very important  , so make sure you contact them if you have any complaints or questions. The first contact number is 185, which is for IM3 Ooredoo users, but tariffs are imposed when using its services.

The fair is cheap as it is only 400 rupias. Of course, these rates are cheaper compared to the benefits that will be gained. However, there are other contacts that can be used as an option if credit stocks are not available at all. The contact is 186.

This IM3 call centre does not provide tariffs for customers, the only function of 186 is actually the informant. When you contact him you can ask about product offerings and the various services for consumers. In fact, by calling 186, the first answer is from the answering machine.

The responding machines already provide a number of solutions to some common problems encountered by users. But if you’re not satisfied with the answering machine response, choose the communication menu with the customer service. By selecting the menu, a CS will be available to answer your questions.

However, contacts above can be contacted using a SIM card. If you can make contact using the landline, the number is different again. Two options are available at 6221-000-3000 and 6221-5438-8888. The two numbers are not required to be connected using a SIM card.

The number will be contacted immediately by calling CS. There, you can express all complaints, inputs and questions. However, with the use of landlines, costs can be reduced. Naturally, landline costs are regular and do not use a pulse system.

Contacting him is possible in other ways.

In fact,  when it comes to communicating in two directions with the IM3 call centre – there is no other way to do it anymore, but there are other ways to use it if you don’t like to communicate on your phone. The first option relates to fax. The fax number is 6221-5449-501-6.

As is generally faxed, this is for the purpose of sending the file without having to come to the outlet for yourself. Files can be sent online with the contact. This could be the best thing to do in the face of a pandemic like the one that exists. With that in it, you don’t have to go out of your house for delivery.

As far as mutual communication is concerned , im3 call center services are also available via email. There are certainly clear differences when communicating via email and telephone. It is not possible to speak directly or quickly. CS will have to wait until your question is answered.

However, in terms of function, the benefits of using a phone are the same. All complaints and cases can be submitted via email. You can address by calling im3 yourself via electronic message. In real Indonesia, email is neither as popular as social media.

Under this condition, IM3 also provides communication services via Twitter. You can send a direct message to your official account on Twitter. The official account is @indosatcare. It would be better to follow the Twitter account. More information will be available once it is implemented.

The last option is to contact you through the official website. Go to the contact field on the official IM3 website. In the column, there is a filling form. You can fill out the form and send complaints and everything you want to express to im3 staff.

Don’t confuse yourself.

If you feel difficult,  make sure you contact the IM3 call centre  above, don’t confuse yourself with the difficulty, because if you want to call the call centre, the confusion will be resolved.

By contacting him, you’ll also get different information. One of the information available is promo-related information. Official promos from providers often do not reach consumers. CS will clarify this and promo will benefit you.

There’s no point in having to or should be in touch with him. This is because every CS has passed the training and is ready to deal with any kind of complaints. After all, it’s not hard and easy to join him.

Most people often have problems with provider matters. This problem does not occur because there is no answer. However, the problem occurs because you are trying to find the answers where they do not need to be. The time spent on resolving the problem is further cut by contacting the IM3 call centre.

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