How to transfer indoost credentials to partner users : PressRelease

Complete guide on how to transfer indusat credentials to fellow users

Every user of this Indosat provider sometimes doesn’t understand very well how to top up, review, and transfer Indosat credentials to  fellow users.

This credit transfer feature is actually very useful, especially when you need temporary credit to stay in touch. However, there are some requirements to be able to use the feature. Therefore, not all users can transfer credit.

If it is deemed that it does not meet the indusat requirements and requirements, it can be that the request to transfer credit to partner users cannot be processed. So users can contact Indost’s customer service if you experience problems using the feature.

Terms and Conditions are able to use the Credit Transfer feature

In fact, all users have the right to use the send credit feature provided by the provider. It’s just that provider managers like Indosat definitely apply some terms and conditions to users to take advantage of this feature.

Therefore, users are required to meet applicable terms and conditions in order to use the credit transfer feature. The first terms and conditions, the Indost card has been used at least 180 days before the indost credit transfer feature  .

And then, the grace-card period is still at least 30 days ahead. The second terms and conditions set a minimum limit for one-time requests for credit transfers.

The indo-friendly provider itself stipulates that the minimum transferred credit is 50 Rp. If you send a credit transfer under Rp. 5,000, indy likes do not process the request submitted. And then, there is a fee paid to the user for a one-time Rp. 600 credit transfer per transaction.

Third period and condition, the remaining validity of the transmitter must be above 5000 Rp. This means that when you send credit to fellow users, your remaining credit should be above Rp. 5,000. For example, you get a credit of Rp. 100,000.

You send credit to indous partner users for 10,000 Rp. Therefore, the credit transfer process is declared successful because it is applicable in accordance with the terms and conditions. In addition, the validity of the transfer of fellow users does not increase the active period of the industum starter package used.

How to transfer indoost credentials to partner users

After knowing the terms and conditions of using the Credit Transfer feature, then you can immediately try it. It has been noted that there are 2 credit transfer methods that can be used by users of industo provider.

Therefore, you can choose one of 2 methods provided by the provider. So, here are 2 ways to transfer credit to indosat fellow users that you can use. This includes the following:

  1. Transfer credit via SMS

The first way to transfer credit to indous partner users can be done via SMS or SMS. The method is also very easy. First, open the SMS menu.


Use the message format to transfer credit, the type of credit transfer (space) of the intended Indosat number (space) the amount of credit transferred. For example, credit transfer 08560492xxx 15000.


Then send the indistingenous credit  transfer message template to  151. After that, hit Send Message. Wait a few moments for you to get a credit delivery token code.


Then, reply to message in OK format (space) bookmark code obtained to number 151. Wait a while for the credit transfer request to be answered by the indous provider.


  1. Credit transfer via USSD call

Currently, Indy’s credit transfers can be made through USSD calls.


Dial *123*151# first and then press the call button. Then press number 1, then press Reply. Please enter the number you want. Then, the nominal credit entry has been moved. Then press 1 to confirm the credit transfer.


For postpaid users, the first step is to dial *123*7*1*6*1# and then press Call. Then press Number 1 to confirm the credit transfer. Please enter the destination number. Then enter the transferred credit amount as well. Then press number 1 to confirm the number and nominal validity transferred.

Restrictions on the use of Indosat credit transfer features to fellow users

Industo providers definitely limit users to using the credit transfer feature. Once you have passed the credit transfer threshold specified by the provider, then the request to send credit to fellow users cannot be processed.

Indy users are only allowed to transfer credit with a total aggregation of about Rp. 200,000 per day. You are free to apply to send credit to other Indosat users many times.

It’s just that the total accumulated request for credit submission should be below Rp. 200,000. If it has crossed the limit, then the indust credit transfer request cannot be  processed by the provider, so you need to be wiser in using this feature so that you can help fellow users who need emergency credit.

How to overcome the lack of use of credit transfer features

The possibility of a failed credit transfer transaction to indo-friendly partner users may occur. There are a few things that cause your request to be submitted cannot be processed by the provider. This is of course very uncomfortable. Remember, the person we send this emergency credit to is in dire need.

If Indosat’s credit transfer  has been declared unsuccessful or unsuccessful even if it is applicable in accordance with the terms and conditions, then you can contact Indosat Customer Service  .

First, you can call via interactive phone at (021) 30003000 (for landlines) or on 100 and 185 (smartphone users). Indoust’s call center number is active for 24 hours. Therefore, you can contact the call center when you are experiencing problems.

In addition, you can also send direct messages (DM) via Twitter on your IndosatCare account. Please pass on complaints you experience, such as not transferring credit to partner users.

In addition, you can also contact customer service via Facebook at Indosat Oredoo. And finally, you can file complaints about Indost’s  credit transfer  problems through the request. MyIm3 Indosat Oredoo’s request serves all complaints experienced by customers, such as failed credit transfers.

Customer service from the MyIm3 app is also active 24 hours in 7 days. Therefore, you can immediately report all the problems experienced through the contact center with the MyIm3 app. As such, all problems can be dealt with immediately by Indosat Customer Service.

Sometimes, some people finish their credit in an emergency. For this reason, Indost provides a credit transfer feature for fellow users. There are several terms and conditions for using the feature. After that, find out how to transfer Indosat credit to fellow users.