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Dukcapil Call Center 24 hours ready to meet community needs

One of the innovative forms of development of digital technology is the provision of a 24-hour dukcapil call center. Although relatively new, this service is very useful in identifying people’s population problems. Because urban needs and practicality are currently the needs of the community. Being in long lines is considered an old-fashioned thing.

On the other hand, the government wants its citizens to be able to easily enjoy information for the population, as well as socialization and various services.  Using  various facilities of technological and information networks, an official online service was finally created. This can happen through call centers, popular messengers, or mainstream social media.

By creating different types of 24-hour dukcapil call center  services  that range from direct office services to online services, we hope that various community problems can be identified immediately and solutions can be sought. Given that these population figures are important  for the different needs  of  development programs  and  for ensuring the legal protection of citizens.

The importance of recording population data and civic records

Based on legal number 24 of 2013, all Indonesian citizens must report various important events for admission. Especially in relation to population-related events, such as relocation or change of address, births, deaths, marriages or divorces, and even the data of children.

Data is not only recorded, but is processed and used for various purposes of development programs and legal protection of citizens. For example, in this pandemic situation, which requires this data to be validated before it can finally be tested for eligibility to participate in grant programs.

In addition,  by providing 24-hour dukcapil call center  services, it is hoped that it will be able to ensure the human rights of everyone, especially in relation to the administration of the population. So that there is no discrimination or lagging or missing out on the program for residents. An example is the right to participate in the political sphere during elections.

In addition, the simplicity of the 24-hour dukcapil call center allows the public to be more aware of their obligations as part of Indonesian citizens to report and record important events.   Especially if the process is simple and does not interfere with their affairs. This awareness indicates that the government has successfully protected its citizens legally.

 Purpose of Community registration

For people, perhaps, data on the date of birth, date of marriage, number of children, place of residence, etc., are of no significant importance. But for a country, this brings huge benefits. Especially in the case of Indonesia as one of the legal countries, the certainty and validity of the identity must be legally mentioned.

Therefore, the public, if  they have registered different data  – their population data means that they have been recognized by the state for the truthfulness of their information. In order to provide legal protection in case of various abuses or related problems  . In addition to being entitled to different public services  . Some public services require credible public information.

In addition, in order to ensure accurate, fast and up-to-date data, it is expected that it will be able to provide data entry for various programs and sectors related to planning. Whether it’s government, development, or community activities. Thus, all programs can be optimally and purposefully distributed.

The 24-hour dukcapil call center  service is a form of easy communication between the government and the people  . Hoping that he will be able to speed up the achievement of various birth registration goals. In addition, taking into account that the problems of this area are becoming more complex and diverse, these mediums can also be a means of identification and desire.

 Various services provided by Dukcapil

In general, the  services provided by  the dukcapil call center are associated with various population data problems. According to the words of Dukcapil’s director general, Zudan, in October 2020, 6 important documents had to be preferred in their treatment. The documents are as follows: KK, KTP, birth certificate, death certificate, marriage certificate and movement certificate.

Essentially, however, population data involves recording and reporting biodata  through a  24-hour dukcapil call center associated with important events. It includes various things such as location, address, date of birth, national identification number (NIK) issue, and a host of other things so that all citizens actually receive legal protection and recognition.

Currently, according to the rules and recommendations of the state administration, these services should be performed quickly, accurately and coherently. This way, the validation process and data collection can run in real time. In order to prepare the archives or, if necessary, the program, no longer deal with mimicry.

In addition to meeting these various issues, the 24-hour dukcapil call center provides validation  or re-verification for related services. Whether your NIP is registered with government services or if you want to access information about your data through online media when you forget to take the file in question with you.

Online Services as a Solution

The population of more than 200 million inhabitants every day certainly has various obstacles and complaints. Especially during such a pandemic, it is highly recommended to avoid crowds, especially in public places. Including the management of various population needs, such as identity cards or other letters.

It is an online solution to these different requirements, from receiving complaints or entering problems. Therefore, various problems arise in the area. As well as various recommendations on how to solve these problems. Whether you need to contact your sub-district part or go through certain routes according to the type of obstacles.

There is a variety of online media content to access the 24-hour dukcapil call center  .  Some use telephone services through the phone number 1500-537 to establish a direct connection to the center of Dukcapil. Emails and websites have also been created to provide additional information. In addition, it uses popular messengers.

This is the use of WhatsApp services, considering that the majority of the population uses WhatsApp as a common means of communication. There is a kind of service in the form of a NIK payment, if you send the Cek#KTP#NIK format, and then send it by calling 0815-3636-9999, you will  receive a response according to your complaint. These different options make it easier for residents to take advantage of this aspect of service.

Using social media to improve services

It goes without saying that the community, especially young people, is very active through social media. Whether it’s communicating, playing games, collecting with the public, or looking for up-to-date information. This condition allows Dukcapil d alam to  innovate innovative  dukcapil call center services for  24 hours. This means capturing aspirations through social media, targeting especially young people.

They use two social media, namely Facebook and Twitter. It not only passively receives incoming reports, but also provides content in the form of various information updates, tips and information about the population. Therefore, social media users are expected to get used to it and understand the importance of civil registration.

The various online services of Dukcapil call centers are  expected to meet the expectations of the state administration. With the slogan “there must be a day” in different regions, I hope to be able to provide quick response services to their needs. They concerned not only the limitations of the complaint, but also disability.

Currently, it is hoped that problems with the population and civil registration will be immediately recognized and solved. Achieving this requires awareness and active participation of the community. One type of government option to connect this is the provision of 24-hour dukcapil call center  services through various online media.

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