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Redmi Service Center with different servicesfor customers

The Redmi service center still joins Xiaomi. Not only that, their superior products, tricky Poco and smartTv, can also be arranged at Mi repair center. Interestingly, almost all cities have their official offices. So you don’t have to be confused if there’s an injury.

There is also MI from the house, or repairs can be made from the house. Unfortunately, this facility could not reach a remote location. Just a radius of 5 kilometers from the service center. But the decision to enter the person was also the right decision. Because in terms of comfort facilities, it is superior.

The Redmi service center also provided exciting facilities in the form of accelerated repair, which took just an hour. This time begins with receiving order registration. until repair is complete. Unfortunately, the service is only available at 5 locations for that time.

They were all in the Jabodetabek area. To enjoy it, you need to come directly and make reservations through In addition, this process can be carried out if the product receives an official warranty from Xiaomi. And still within the warranty period and during the availability of expression parts.

The time is from 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. Moreover, it is not a process and will have to wait until tomorrow. You just don’t come straight into the office. You may also request multiple complaints about the call center. This convenience is truly presented by Xiaomi to make customers feel satisfied.

Support redmi Service Center Customer Support

Xiaomi offers a variety of amenities by pampering his customers. Therefore, they offer different online features. That time is limited according to office time. 9 a.m. to 6 p.m. local time. So first pay attention to where you are.

There are many ways that WhatsApp messages first provided 082117236765 number. Or use the hotline on 0800 1 401558. For a complete list of complete addresses, you can  visit the website directly That’s where you’ll find your address and phone number.

On the Redmi Service Center’s official website, there are also various price lists. So, if you do a check. Or maybe you’re trying to find out for yourself why a cell phone might be like this. It is also easy for any  customer to find out how much parts are needed.

Interestingly, each part of the phone is different from the other. It depends on the type and the mobile phone itself. Just try the search function, you’ll find it easy. This is not enough to get there when the repair of the full list price is available. For example, the product Mi Note 10.

Battery parts have problems, you just need to open the web. Then find out how much it will cost. Starting with the cost of repairs plus plus tax. Remember that each phone has different rates. However, it should also be  noted that if the list price is not fixed, it can change depending on price changes.

Repair shop just 5 days

Xiaomi’s Redmid service center is also showing a new breakdown. In a waiting period of just 5 days. It is truly welcome to its fans and loyal customers. As a rule, the mobile phone comes to the service desk at the earliest, it takes 10 days.

Interestingly, if it is not completed within this speed, there is a guarantee to replace a new unit. This is really good news for all customers. In this way, not everyone has to wait too long. This is just the case that repairs are charged when the product is received at the service centre.

For example, give your mobile phone to the Redmi Service Center on the 10th . Two days later, the product was added to the repair table. Therefore, calculated only from 12th to 17 July. At other times, the product will be replaced and sent directly to the address.

But it’s worth paying attention to getting it. You need to make sure there is still a warranty available. In fact, as soon as five days last, the technician will confirm in the form of replacing a new device or waiting for the completion of the service. If the new device is new, Xiaomi is not responsible for the data.

Therefore, it is before you take it for repair. It is more likely to carry out a data backup. So, if something unwanted happened, all the data is still stored properly. You can also inform yourself regularly about the hotline service. To make it easier to mention imEi numbers only.

Warranty from Xiaomi

The Redmid service center also offers warranty on various phones as long as it still contains some support documents. For example, battery devices often use as complaints. You get quite a lot of time. Approximately 15 months. In this way, a new injury can be claimed immediately.

There is another charger until the accessories are provided for about 6 months. For all products and mobile units from Redmi 7 and higher, at least 12 months are granted. Meanwhile, there are also some things for this type of injury. Therefore, mobile phones cannot be switched on and off by themselves.

Damage to the screen is not due to falling down or exposure to water and liquid. Damage to a variety of materials due to their structure. The Redmi service center was also damaged by the charger, starting with a data cable that didn’t work properly. Or it doesn’t work, the original product of Xiaomi.

Before such repairs and warranties are carried out. Xiaomi will first review and test the product. Also  , make sure  that Mi’s account is turned off or turned off. So that’s not all the secrets are read here. The Mi site is also not responsible for anything.

When the product has actually lost data. It should also be  noted that this warranty is not appropriate if the IMEI number is removed until it is lost. The damage was also caused by ignoring it or holding it to another service center without Xiaomi’s permission.

Cost on the phone if the warranty is expired

The Redmi Service Center also offers services for various Mi products without using a warranty card. Or maybe the time is really up. The services for this are so numerous. Starting with software upgrades to hardware or even changes from motherboard can also be made for 16 types of phones.

Because there is no guarantee, Xiaomi charges the fee. For software upgrades, the cost is approximately IDR 120,000. Meanwhile, for hardware, idr 150,000. This is not supplemented by different parts when there is actually an exchange. For legal or unofficial products, the Service Center is also available.

It is only that, once Xiaomi is cooperating with the government and all the economic actors in Indonesia. To break the chain. In this way, all of its products will remain complex to existing standards. Because buying according to official warranty is really expensive. But safety in comfort is highly guaranteed.

This repair center service is not just for repairs. You can also buy other products or original accessories such as smartwatches, ears and more. If your mobile phone is damaged, it is better   to take it directly to the Redmi service center, guaranteed the process quickly.

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