The origin of the recipe for West Javanese fennel cake : Diagram

West Java fennel cake recipe with instructions on how to make it

 The existence of  a typical recipe for fennel cake from West Java  now makes it easier for lovers of the culinary world, which is growing rapidly. Perhaps most people in the country still do not know the existence of fennel cakes. Although this cake is included in the ranks of the most delicious snacks, if you enjoy it at any time.

The development of the culinary world is never exhausted, as evidenced by the fact that there are always the latest discoveries, thanks to which connoisseurs avoid boredom. For those of you who want to get the best recipe typical of West Java, of course, pay attention to this whole discussion.   Don’t worry if this is the first time you’re in the kitchen cooking.

Because a typical West Java fennel pie recipe can be easily applied directly to any circle, regardless of kitchen skills.   All that is needed is determination and concentration to understand how.   When we talk about culinary tourism, of course, from Sabang to Merauka, there were many traditional dishes in different regions.

In fact, almost all regions have traditional cuisine found by the local community, usually dating back to antiquity.   Entering as a typical food of the city of Pekalongan, of course, from an early age, you need to know. Because the taste in it is very good, especially if it is the first time you feel it.

The first thing that comes out of one’s own mind is certainly dependent on multiple trials, because just one attempt will not be enough.  But before you clearly know the whole recipe, we recommend first understanding the origin of the name.  For more information, follow our full discussion.

The origin of the recipe for West Javanese fennel cake

It is not legal to visit Pekalongan if you have not tried the deliciousness of the cake directly, since it is one of the most popular dishes for culinary lovers. Even for connoisseurs of traditional food, it can be an invasion when they visit the city.  If you did not have time to play in the city of Pekalongan, of course, do not be nervous.

The origin of the name of this cake  is not yet clearly known, but basically it has the basic ingredients of anise. The uniqueness of the small food coming from Pekalongan is easy to get when visiting in person, but in other cities it is certain that there is none. You should try it by cooking directly to alleviate curiosity.

The invention of the West Java fennel cake recipe also came from locals and was simply named to make it easy to remember.   When you hear this type of snack for the first time, it is certain that someone is easy to remember for a long time.   Since it has a simple and unique name, pay attention tothe existence of a typical Pekalongan snack.

Every year, people easily enjoy traditional snacks in the form of cakes, and that’s when Eid comes in. Like the existence of cakes in general, this is also provided during the Eid al-Fitr. What is certain is that to welcome the arrival of relatives who come outside the city is even given only to neighbors.

Of course, many people miss the existence of unique pekalongan snacks, therefore they are found only every year. But don’t worry because we’re going to give you a full explanation through the discussion below. Pay attention to detail to understand the content in detail and easily try the recipe directly.

Prepare spices completely in advance

In the recipe for West Javanese fennel cake, of course,  there are  several spices that need to be prepared from now on. As with the production of other types of food, of course, this will help make it easier for someone if they want to produce. Because you can see directly by sorting from start to finish.

The main component of the production itself is sticky rice flour, perhaps the dosage can be adjusted to the number or fewest servings. However, we have set a firm measure of one hundred grams.  In addition, also use the same amount of rice flour to create the best texture when finished.

Due to the fact that the above culinary tends to lean towards sweetness, of course, use a hundred grams of fine granulated sugar.  Do not let it be less or excessive, so that there is a sense of balance between the different ingredients.  Granulated sugar is very useful to add a real flavor to the characteristic fennel cake.

This traditional snack has the most unique recipe for fennel pie from West Java, as it requires different ingredients from other delicacies.   Use vanilla powder only in small portions, approximately one pinch of a finger. The goal is to provide the  smell and taste of food that can be served better.

Use banana leaves for wrapping

Packages of these delicacies use fresh banana leaves, the goal is to preserve the flavor. Even a traditional cake is visible directly from the packaging if it turns out that the use of banana leaves is definitely authentic.   Then also prepare as much warm water as necessary, which certainly plays an important role.

Coconut is also needed for topping, but before use  it must first be grated.   Grated coconut can make the texture of a snack even crispier when touched  by mouth, as long as it is enjoyed by gourmets.   The next ingredient, which is not finished, has the necessary salt, but only a quarter of a teaspoon.

Having fulfilled all the recipes for West Javanese fennel cake,  of course, you will enter the next stage.   The process of making a traditional snack is quite simple, as long as you understand it, until it is completely clear.   When visiting the traditional markets, you will definitely find fennel food that has been neatly packed.

Demi from now on reduce your curiosity and also try to follow the next explanation.   Because weprovided recipes at the same time asn complete ways so that you can try them right from home.   Especially now that all the activities are almost carried out at home, follow  the explanation below to the end.

The simplest process of making fennel cakes

Due to the fact that the number of enthusiasts is considered higher, of course, this type of culinary can not be done randomly on its own. It requires a special blend like the one we give directly from the community where it was first launched. Culinary tourism is growing rapidly, so people need to know the way to start from scratch.

After understanding the recipe for West Javanese fennel cake, first try to mix the sticky rice flour from scratch with some other ingredients.   Among other things, the presence of sugar, vanilla, grated coconut is just stirred until it is evenly distributed.   The mixing process does not have to take long, it is important that it is already mixed.

Then, after mixing until smooth, now it’s time to spray a little with hot water to retain moisture. The next step is to use banana leaves to cover the entire portion of thecake until it eventually becomes hard.  Leave it for  about 30 minutes, and then open it to squeeze out themold.

Put it in a mold according to the desired size, do not exceed the provided time limit.  Be sure to put the base before placing the snack in a certain container, such as a baking sheet. The last step is to steam for up to 30 minutes, when it is cooked, it can be served and enjoyed together.

It turns out that it is also easy to  prepare favorite cakes from many people from all over Indonesia who have to try cooking for themselves. After understanding all the methods, now is the time  to  apply it so that you can feel directly without difficulty. Of course,  the  recipe for West Javanese fennel cake comes from the indigenous people of Pekalongan.

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