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A Folklore collection    from  West Java yang very interesting

 There are many residents from West Java  who have a message to be able to take lessons, of course, every region in Indonesia has folklore.Where many believe this is just a writing to not prove to be true.But even if it seems to consist of a message that can be taken from it.

Of course, this must be known to the new generation so that it is not forgotten. Especially at this time of year, there are already a lot of younger generations who like to play the internet without knowing this kind of folklore.

This condition, if left unchecked, can adversely affect the continuity of this matter. So, here are some stories you should know because they are full of meaning  .   Because this myth from West Java is not just a very interesting story to read.

What’s more, there is a life value that can be learned so that they can be an example for the next generation. In this way, these values will be implemented so they can have a positive impact on future generations.

The story of Mount Tangkuban Perahu

This myth from West   Java tells the story of Sangkuriang   who loves her own mother  , Dayang Sumbi. The mother who knew she would marry her child called on opposing marriage.

But unexpectedly, his son agreed to demand this where the river had to be moved and built before dawn. The work done by Sangkuriang was quickly completed because of the help of the jinn.

Dayang Sumbi, who saw this, cut his brain to do a way to prevent the job from being completed. That’s why the fabric was rolled out so that it looked like the morning, the condition caused the chicken to crumble because it thought the morning had come.

But Sangkuriang at the time had not finished the job so he was angry because his offer was rejected by his mother. So he vented his anger by hitting the boat that had been made.  The boat eventually refused to turn it into a mountain currently known as The Tangkuban perahu.

Of course, this folklore from West Java is very interesting to know considering that Tangkuban Perahu is one of the most popular tourist attractions in  West Java.Moreover, the mountains are still in the form of boats that many believe in.

In addition to having an interesting story, the mountain has a good taste for many people to like. Moreover, there are many moral messages that can be taken from this, especially about the relationship between mother and daughter.

 Original story from Budapest

Another myth from Western   Java is about the origin of Bandung.The story begins with a competition between Jaka and a wira who is a student at a university.The nature of those two people is opposed to each other but helps each other so that they are like brothers.

However, the conflict starts to happen when they like the same woman, Sheikh, who is the daughter of their teacher. Jaka, who has a handsome look, finally asks For Sekar but his father without consent from   putri accepts the offer.

But Sekar actually liked Wira to carefully turn down the offer he made a race where he would marry someone who could extinguish the Tangkuban. Jaka and Wira finally find a way to win the race but jaka can’t actually do this.

But he agreed but after a trip to Jaca rather than finding a way to extinguish the lava, he played around. However, it was different from what Vira did in many ways to be able to extinguish the lava. Until finally he saw the light that made the dam out of the wood.

This eventually gave him a way to extinguish him. Until the end, Wira blocked the Citarum River by destroying the hills so it could extract the river’s water until finally it could extinguish the lava on the Tangkuban mountain boat.

So that it finally makes the sink into the ocean. In the end, Wira and Sekar got married and had children. However, after years, the built-in waterfall collapsed because of higher water emissions to dry up the lake.

As a result, it appeared the land had been loosened which caused many to move to new places. Until the end the new site became Bandung, whose names were taken from dams or weir.  This is the myth of Western Java that many people still don’t know about.

 Folklore about Lutung Kasarung

Folklore from The Little West Java is about Lutung Kasarung, which tells the story of a princess named Purbasari, meets untung, the prince cursed to be an ape.Pestri Pibazari herself was thrown away by her brother because she was used to appear to be affected by skin disease.

Cerita West Javanese  lutung kasarung people.   Because of his illness, he was thrown into the forest so that he could meet the trunk; Lam, who really liked the ancients, finally prayed to the Almighty for the lake to appear whose waters could cure the skin disease of p utri.

Then after her skin disease was healed, putri was eventually brought back to the palace but the princess’s brother purbararang became jealous and feared that his power would be brought back by Purbasari.In the end, the old brother asked the king to hold the race, i.e. cooking fast food and a long hair race.

In both races, the brother became the winner so the brother eventually asked the Kings to do a new race to determine who the winner was. The competition is about who is the better partner.

Until the end Puebasari brought in a langur and introduced him as his partner but his brother mocked him because his partner was an ape. As a result of heartache, he finally prayed for the authority to restore his form to its original state and then be allowed.

At the end of  this Western Javanese  mythology, Purbasari became a winner to give him the right to be the king’s dream erbararang and his brotherP urbararang was not punished even though he was proved guilty and lost.

 Folklore on The Nini Reef

  Another  Western  Javanese tradition  is less interesting is about the Nini reef where the story begins with an old couple whose name can be blessed with children.To meet daily needs, husbands go to sea and go home with catches to be eaten on their own or sold.

But one day he was allowed to go to sea, but until early in the morning he would not return home. The wife was also shocked so she went looking for a husband and along with other villagers. But one day the wife, who had finally given up, prayed that the almighty would be reunited with the almighty.

But suddenly a stone appeared, in which someone said the stone was a portrait of a husband. The surprised wife finally prayed that the almighty would also become a rock like her husband.

These two stones, of course, are placed next to each other, which so far can still be seen on the Nile Beach. Therefore, there are many lessons to be learned from the above story about the wife’s loyalty to her husband. So it’s very important for future generations to know   this  Western Javanese  tradition, so there are a lot of lessons that can be taken and can be used in everyday life.

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